Your storytelling platform for location-based games.
We help you to link your media and ideas to places, and create interactive tours for everyone. With tripengine, the smartphone is a storytelling game and guide in one.
  • Graphic mother and child in the Berlin city centre


    Fun for the whole family - experience and enjoy the city together. You can organise an exciting scavenger hunt through the city. Or your favourite fairy tale character can tell the history of the place.
  • Graphic with teenager learning on location with the smartphone


    Who was Old Fritz? And how come Berlin even had a wall? Enjoy learning through entertaining learning. With electronic knowledge transfer, information can be fun and entertaining at the same time. By combining education and play, motivation increases and learning is more efficient and successful.
  • Tourists among the main sights of Europe


    A new travel experience - the city becomes a playing field. Whether Old Fritz guides you around Berlin, you walk in the footsteps of Goethe in Weimar or a cartoon character is your guide. tripengine allows you to tell individual stories in different places. Visitors can experience this interactively with a smartphone and discover a route through a story.
  • Book pages fly like stories in a location-based game


    Want to experience films or literature live? tripengine makes this possible. Location-based storytelling is a new way of telling stories. Modern narrators push this out into the world to bring places to life with different stories. Where exactly did the hero of film meet his future wife? And how did the novel even come about? You can, for example, write a prologue and interactively make it come alive in the real world.
  • Event with a microphone


    You can use tripengine for various events. Whether it be a company’s anniversary, the 200 year celebration of a city, a night at the museum, a conference or a scavenger hunt: You can use each individual story as a platform and involve visitors and participants excellently in this way.
  • Ancient rome collosseum


    Which events have taken place here before? What does the place have to say? You can illustrate the paths of historical figures or present memorials of the past. With tripengine, history is alive.

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